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original draft last Septemb

between 350 to 450, died of malnutrition in the zoo over the past 3 months. The

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er, the drafting team had

zoo, which is mainl▓y privately owned with the Shenyang Municipal Government▓ ha

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received over 700 suggestion

ving 15 percent of the share, only fed the tigers on▓ cheap chicken bones as the

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s from the public as of mi

zoo was financially challenged,▓ according to the official. ZHENGZHOU, Jan. 9 (Xi

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d-January 2010. By People's

nhua) -- Ch▓inese experts and wildlife activists are calling ectei▓mproved anima

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Daily Online SHENYANG▓, Mar

l welfare in zoos after two deadly attacks on keepers by hungry beasts in centra

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ch 14 (Xinhua) -- A total of

l Henan Province last month. On Dec. 31, a zookeeper surnamed M▓ing was savaged

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26 animals in 15 spe▓cies

to death by an adult African lion w▓hile he was sweeping the cage at the NanhaiP

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were reported dead in Januar

ark in Henan'▓s Zhumadian City. Local authorities are investigati▓ng the inciden

t. On Dec. 2, keeper Xie J


ian, at the Songyang Park in Dengfeng City, wa

s killed by a black bear while feeding the animal. The zoo was ordered to suspend operations and the victim's family was giv

en 120,000 yuan (17▓,647 U.S. dollars) in compensation. In both cases, zoo managers blamed human error for the attacks, sayin

y in a zoo in northeas▓t China's Liaoning Province, where mas

sive death of Siberia▓n

Our tigers were r

ease the supply of clean and reliable natural gas to Shan▓xi province and the Bohai Bay Rim area, w
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g the keepers had no


t followed usual procedures to drive the animals to neighboring cages to be tigh

eported la

tly locked up before entering the first cage. "That is commonsense for animal

st week. The

keepers. We have offered training, but Ming did not ab▓ide by the rules," said Zh


ao Yanmei, a manager of ▓the Zhumadian zoo. But relatives of the keepers refu▓se

d to believe the explana

January death

tions, saying no proof had b▓een found to demonstrate they had ignored procedures

toll of a

. Xie had worked for two years and Ming for only four days when they died. ATT

nimals inc

ACK OF HUNGER Leaving aside the controver▓sy over whether proper procedures were

luded four S

followed, police say they believe the two animals were hungry when the at▓tacks

iberian tigers and 22 other animals, according to a list of animals in the Sheny

ang Forest Wild Animal

About US

ion kip (some 142,000 U.S. dollars) to t▓he Lao government at the singing ceremony, to help the flo
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happened, which t

he zoo managers do not deny. The zo▓os -- both privately operated -- have been facing financial difficulties and lax supervision. The Dengfeng ▓zoo, covering about 2,667 square meters, opened in1999. It has black bears, lions and camels among its attractions. The Zhumadian zoo, covering about 2,000 square meters, opene▓d in 2000 and has 11 large, aggressive animals, includi▓ng tigers, lions, leopards, black bears


nd wolves.


Nov. 4 (


-- The recent identi

fication of A/H1N1 virus in different animal species is "no additional cause for ▓alarm," the Paris-based World Organization for Animal▓ Health said Wednesday. The OIE confirmed it has received ▓recent reports over new identification of A/H1N1 virus in animals other than pigs, saying the function of surveillance and reporting mechanisms was well proved. However, the organization notified that "no evidence ha


s suggested that animals play any particular role in epidemiology or the spread of the pandemic H1N1 2009 virus amon


g humans." Though it still proposed prudent certification on anim▓al health for international trade, the organization


insisted▓ on not imposing specific measures for international t▓rade in "live pigs and other susceptible animal spec?/p>


坕es and/or their products." On the same day, the first cat diagnosed with A/H1N1 virus was found in the United Stat


es, following cases of A/H1N1 flu in turkeys that emerged in the American continents last month. An▓imal welfare expe


rts are calling for tougher laws after a woman was found hoarding dozens of cats in her tiny Bei▓jing home.A series o

Zoo, a copy Xinhua obtained from the zoo Sunday. Some o

The uding one

f online pictures have sparked outrage among pet lovers since they were released on a c▓ats website

Portrait rprises?/span>

movshow.com last week.Netizens released pr▓ivate information about cat owner Liu Hong, and cri

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Portrait Joe
crane, four st

ticized her as a cat abuser.Dozen of cats were pictured living together in a small 100 sq m

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Portrait ump-tailed m
acaque, one

courtyard with tr▓ash scattered all over the grounds.The rooms were filled▓ with excrement and food scraps."It was horrible to ▓go into there," a one writer who visited Liu's home in Tongzhou district on Monday."I, as well as other pet l▓overs can't stand that bad environment for cats."But the Liu said she loved the cats very much and want▓ed to do everything she could for them.She said she sp▓ent at least 2,000 yuan ($293) each month on them, the Beijing News reported.Liu refused to give any comment to METRO yesterday."Perhaps it is not proper to ▓say the woman 'abuses cats', but the cats deserved a▓ better healthy living environment, more food and better mental care," said Zeng Li, who is in charge of the L▓ucky Cats organization, a homeless cat protection non-government organization founded in 2001."A pet owner ▓should assure that whether they could afford dogs or cats' welfare when adopting them. If not, there wil▓l be a harm to the animals.""This is not an individual c▓ase. It always happens across the country becau

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se many people still

rhesus monkey and one
brown bear, were under sta
te protection, acc▓ordi
ng to the zoo list, which

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don't know how to treat animals well," she said.She called on the government to legislate new laws, which better

only registered dead animals i▓n January. The



d anim

als and also to

 raise awareness among the general public.China has long been under fire from abroad for animal cruelty,▓ triggering nationwide calls for specific legislation on▓ animal protection by legal exp

four dead Siberian tigers were included i▓
n the 11 Siberian ti
gers announced dead in t

erts and ani


he past three m▓onths . Among the dead a nimals were four camels, one Afric an lion, one yak, one ostrich, one sprin gbok, one d?/a> 坅lmatian, and one Mongolian hor se, among others, it read. It▓ did not give the reaso n behind the massive a nimal dea▓t h. The State For estry Administra tion has sent a work t eam to probe t he massive a nimal death. L 邵武市wap 准格尔旗鄂托克旗wap 景谷彝族傣族自治县wap 乐东黎族自治县5G 西畴县wap 通化县wap 晋宁县wap 寻甸回族自治县wap 招远市wap 慈溪市5G 五指山市wap 雷波县5G 蓬安县5G 湘阴县wap 土默特左旗5G 胶州市5G 密云县5G 内蒙古5G 宜宾县5G 阿拉善左旗wap 每日新开传奇私服发布 变态传奇私服上线65535 新开玉兔传奇私服网站 传奇私服新开服网 变态传奇私服上线65535 传奇私服网站新开网1.85玉兔 传奇私服单机架设全教程 1.80传奇私服合击版本 复古传奇私服发布网1.76 传奇私服脱机挂下载